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Welcome to the Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences Program at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology


The study of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences at SDSM&T is an interdisciplinary science and a well-linked effort between a staff of accomplished research scientists and a group of degree-seeking students at the Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD levels. Please browse through our website by checking out the links above for more information about the research and academics of our program. Check out the links that follow to other websites regarding weather, climate and research, as well as to publications by our scientists and our outreach activities.



Recent News 


Spring 2015 Seminar Series is Announced


Date Speaker Topic
1/20 Connor Nelson Using TITAN to model hail size to aid in mission guidance for the future storm penetration A-10 aircraft
1/27 Alex Schaefer


Brianne Gerber

The driving thermodynamic force of pyrocumulus formation

Verification and Assessment of the SDSM&T real-time WRF forecasting system under difference initializations schemes

2/3 Jorel Torres Snowfall observations at NASA Wallops Flight Facility
2/10 Trisha Gabbert Investigating the impacts of surface temperature anomalies due to wildfires in Northern sub-Saharan Africa
2/17 TBA  
2/24 Jacey Wipf Simulated effects of an isolated supercell on the evolution of a nearby squall line
3/3 Jaime Haueter



Cody Troop

Comparing nutrient cycling and metabolism in streams containing varying amounts of Didymosphenia geminata mat coverage in Grand Teton National Park.

Comparison of effective radii between pyrocumulus and typical cumulus clouds

3/17 Kevin Cooper



Kelsey Kramer

Climate inducted anomalies in the 500 mb flow coupled with variations in Pacific water temperatures and the resulting impact on winter climate conditions in the northern Colorado Rockies

Ionospheric plasma coupling to low-frequency electromagnetic radiation: A mechanism for monitoring earthquake precursors using the existing GPS system

3/24 Lucas Barrett


Rebecca Hastings

Covariability and interannual variability of June wildfires and atmospheric aerosols




4/7 Poster Presentations Mineral Industries, SDSM&T
4/9 Poster Presentations Mineral Industries, SDSM&T
4/14 Kevin Wagner


Jeff Wetter

Supercells and Squall Lines, Oh My: An observational examination of supercell and squall line interactions of storm scale features in close proximity

A comparison of gauge and radar-derived rainfall amounts from Stearns County, MN


4/21 Cody Moldan


Thomas King

The impact of increased corn production on summertime convection across western South Dakota

Testing the feasibility of inexpensive, real-time carbon dioxide measurements using combustion sources

4/28 Russell Marlow Benthic macroinvertebrate diet selection in Rapid Creek, South Dakota



January 2015 Newsletter is Released



Weather Club Gets Board of Regents Award 12/3/14

The SDSM&T Student Chapter of the AMS received the Community Service award from the SD Board of Regents and President Wilson for their outstanding contributions to our local community. Congrats Weather Club!  




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