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Participating in the science fair takes several steps in which to assure you are properly registered, your project is acceptable, your poster is fit to guidelines and much more. I have listed the items which are critical and extras to help you along.

Let start with one of the more important items and that is " Registration." The deadline is generally at the beginning of March of each new year but check well in advance to make sure of this. It would be a good idea to at a minimum print out the form so you know what you will eventually need when you do register. Below is a general list of what might be on the registration form. Your project will also need an appropriate title that best explains your project and an advisor who must be apart of your project and be with at the science fair (or at least a chaperone).

Project Information

Senior Division, Grades 9-12

Biological Sciences


Physical Sciences

Social Sciences

Junior Division, Grades 6-8

Biological Sciences


Physical Sciences

Social Sciences

One of the fist people you might want to talk to about a science project is you science teacher at school or even your guardian, mother, or father. Start asking around with the people you know to get an idea of what kind of support you might be able to get now and later on.

At some point during your project, most likely towards the end, you will need to construct a poster presentation. This will need to be on a three panel construction board panel. Click on image to the right for a larger view of what one might look like.

Your poster dimensions will need to meet the ISEF requirements along with the table and booth size. Below are the guidelines.

Maximum Size of Project:

- 30 inches (2.5 feet or 76 centimeters) deep front to back;

- 48 inches (4 feet or 122 centimeters) side to side;

- 108 inches (9 feet or 274 centimeters) floor to top of poster;

When using a table it becomes part of the poster dimensions. Here is a link for Microsoft Office Power Point poster templates:

Below are some images of posters either from the ISEF science fairs or from our science fair:

Don't forget to read from many different sources about your project. Also be sure to write down the name of the book and author you read from for documentation purposes.

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