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Spring 2009

54th High Plains Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Science Projects (click on the images to see them in full resolution)

   Megan Brink (9th grade), Rapid City Central High School.

3-rd place in the "Senior Division Biological Sciences" !

Her project: "Native Plants of the Black Hills"

Her mentor/advisor for the project was Michelle Pinsdorf, a SDSM&T Paleontology graduate alumni.

    Cody Provost and Thor Lammers (9th and 10th grade respectively), Rapid City Central High School.

Presented in the "Engineering - Senior Team Division"

Their project: "Wind Cave Exploring Robot"

Cody and Thor won the "Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award" plus $200.00

    Andrew Johnson (6th grade), Pine Ridge Elementary School

Presented in the "6th Junior Sciences" category along with about 30 other students in that same category.

His project: "Lights Energy"

Andrew was very much interested in learning about Unci Maka's (Grandmother Earth's) renewable resources such as using Anpetu Wi energy (Sun's energy).

Leon Brown (7th grade), Rapid City South Middle School.

Presented in the "7th Junior Sciences" category along with about 40 other students.

His project: "Carinae Measurements of Allosaurus Fragilis"

Leon was very proud of his project as we were very proud of his work ethic and enthusiasm working with his science project.


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